Using local transcripts and local media

  1. You need to download the transcripts from "zipped transcripts" below and unzip them.
  2. If the corpus is linked to audio or video, you need to download those files and place the media into the transcript folders.
  3. You need to download and install the CLAN program, QuickTime, and required Unicode fonts.
  4. To open a transcript, you double-click on it. If there is associated media, you can play the media using escape-8 for continuous playback or command-click for playing single utterances.

Zipped Transcripts

Using local transcripts with web-served media

This is like the first method, but, if you are on a broadband Internet connection, you can skip step #2, since CLAN will use links in the folder called /media to play the media over the web.

XML transcripts

If you want to work with XML instead of CHAT, you can download zipped files with XML versions of the database.