Any new project has to figure out how to make good recordings. Some projects will only want to acquire digitized audio and others will want to acquire digitized video. For guidelines on how to acquire good digitized audio, please read our digitized audio guidelines .

Please consult these recommendations regarding Video Equipment and Video Compression.

You may also find this Guide to Videography useful.

If you decide to use video, but cannot share your video because of IRB constraints, you can still extract the audio from the video file, using this procedure:
  1. Open the move with QuickTime Player 7. You have to use this version, not the newer version.
  2. Go to the Window menu and select "Show Movie Properties"
  3. Highlight the "Sound Track" -- third row
  4. Click "Extract"
  5. QuickTime will create a new file.
  6. Go to that window and click on it and then select "Save As" and make it "Self Contained"
You can also use MPEG StreamClip to do this, using a similar process. In all cases, you need to pay close attention to getting a good audio signal, even if you are using video.