TalkBank Digital Video

H.264 Video Format

To maintain compatibility across systems, it is important that all TalkBank video be in H.264 format. This is the format produced by default from newer devices. If you have video from older devices, we recommend use of VideoProc Converter to convert to H.264. When converting, it is useful to reduce the size of the video to 960x540 for web delivlery and storage. Cameras often create nice video in higher resolution, but then they are harder to store, display, and transfer. Here is a screenshot of the settings we use in VideoProc Converter.

Video Recording

Currently, the easiest way to get good quality video recording is to use the iPhone or iPad. Just make sure that you mount your camera on a tripod, such as the Ubeesize (for $13) for stability. For compatibility with CLAN and the web, make sure that you record in landscape and not portrait.

Audio Recording

If you are recording video with an iPhone, then you will also get good quality audio from the internal microphone. However, you may want to use an external microphone for more directional recoreding. For that, you can use the Shure MV88. In that case, it is important to keep the phone charged up, because the MV88 uses the lightning port making it impossible to attach a separate charger.

For group recordings, we recommend a 2-pack of SoundTech CM-1000 conference boundary condensor microphones ($89.95). The 2-pack comes with a Koss Y88 Y-Cord which then plugs into a Rode SC4 3-band connector that goes into the headphones port of the iPhone. If you are using only one of the two microphones, it can plug directly into the Rode SC4.

For those who prefer recording using a camcorder, the important thing is to use an external microphone. Cameras with a hot-shoe connection can use the Sony ECM-W1M for recording from single participants or else the Audio-Technica ATR4697 boundary microphone for group recordings. If your camcorder has audio gain control, you can use the SoundTech CM-1000 instead. Recordings can be transferred from your camcorder to iMovie and then compressed using iSkySoft.

For complex recording from multiple angles your can use the RecoLiv Multi-Cam application on multiple iOS devices.