TalkBank Tutorial Screencasts

These screencasts have been created by Dr. Davida Fromm. The links in the "Screencast" column are to videos on our website. These work well if you have a fast connection. For slower connections, or for connections outside of North America, the YouTube links in the second column may load more quickly.

If you are interested in creating versions of these screencasts in your local language, you may find these production instructions useful.

We also have a set of five screencasts designed specifically for SLPs.

You may also wish to look at some of the materials on the second page of screencasts describing these more specialized CLAN functions: CHAT2PHON, CHAT2ELAN, TEXTIN, SALTIN, gesture coding, and multiple videos.

The media and transcript resources used in these screencasts can all be download from this folder.

Screencast YouTube.................. Contents Duration
Tour of the Websites Tour of the Websites what is available at the TalkBank websites 7:37
Tour of the Manuals Tour of the Manuals what is in the four TalkBank manuals 6:19
Installing CLAN Installing CLAN installing and configuring the CLAN program 4:25
Chinese Example Chinese Example an example of transcribing in Chinese 6:26
Using the Website
Browsable Watch Browsable Watch listening and watching through the browsable database 5:56
Browsable Search Browsable Search searching through the browsable database 5:55
template template creating a CHAT file from scratch 5:20
addID addID adding speaker ID tiers using the CLAN menu 3:33
autoinsertID autoinsertID adding speaker ID tiers using escape-L 2:39
F5-transcribe F5-transcribe linking and transcribing with F5 11:06
check-1 check-1 checking a transcript for errors 3:16
walker-1 walker-1 setting up and using Walker Controller options 6:07
walker-2 walker-2 transcribing in Walker Controller 6:08
Morphological Analysis
MOR-download MOR-download downloading the MOR grammar for English 3:29
MOR-xb MOR-xb checking for words not recognized by MOR 4:34
MOR-chain MOR-chain running the MOR, POST, POSTMORTEM, MEGRASP chain 5:16
Commands Window Commands Window how to use the Commands Window 4:48
Example Commands Example Commands examples of using KWAL, MLU, COMBO, and GEMFREQ 4:24
GEM-lazy GEM-lazy creating lazy gems 3:46
GEM GEM using the GEM command 6:00
playback playback How to play media from a linked file 2:30
F5bullets-1 F5bullets-1 using F5 to add time links to an existing transcript 3:37
F5bullets-2 F5bullets-2 restarting F5 and checking times with F4 2:46
Sonic CHAT Sonic CHAT setting time marks from a waveform display 7:30
Rename Rename renaming files 3:34
Hide&Trim Hide&Trim hiding tiers; removing tiers 3:34
EVAL-1 EVAL-1 EVAL basics and using EVAL to analyze files 8:14
EVAL-2 EVAL-2 using EVAL to compare a file to the AphasiaBank database 5:34
EVAL-3 EVAL-3 using EVAL to analyze changes over time in an individual 4:39
FLUCALC-1 FLUCALC-1 FLUCALC basics to prepare to analyze files 4:03
FLUCALC-2 FLUCALC-2 Examination of FLUCALC spreadsheet results 6:01
KIDEVAL-1 KIDEVAL-1 KIDEVAL setup to compare a file to the CHILDES database 5:30
KIDEVAL-2 KIDEVAL-2 Examination of KIDEVAL spreadsheet results 8:06
SUGAR-1 Transcript preparation for SUGAR analysis 7:27
SUGAR-2 running SUGAR command, examining spreadsheet results 4:56