TalkBank Rules for Data Citation

All articles using specific TalkBank corpora should cite the references for those corpora that are listed in the documentation manuals. For example, papers making use of the Brown corpus in CHILDES would include this citation: Brown, R. (1973) A first language: the early stages. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. This is crucial!

An alternative method for citing a corpus is to use the DOI. A few corpora do not provide an article to be cited. In that case, you can use this method. Here is an example:

Bat-El, Outi (2020). CHILDES Database Hebrew Bat-El Corpus. doi:10.21415/T5P322

For grant reporting purposes, we need to track usage in published papers through To permit this, please also include a citation of one of these general database references:

If your research relies on more than six corpora from any given database, you do not need to cite each corpus and can just refer to the overall database.