TalkBank TalkBank Advisory Board

The TalkBank Governing Board has these members, each representing one of the TalkBank databases:
BankMember University
AphasiaBank Heather Wright East Carolina University
ASDBank TBA University of South Florida
BilingBank Annick DeHouwer University of Erfurt
CABank Johannes Wagner University of Southern Denmark
CHILDES Dan Yurovsky Carnegie Mellon University
ClassBank Catherine Snow Harvard Graduate School of Education
DementiaBank Michelle Bourgeois University of South Florida
FluencyBank Nan Bernstein Ratner University of Maryland
HomeBank Anne Warlaumont University of California at Los Angeles
HomeBank Mark VanDam Washington State University
PhonBank Yvan Rose Memorial University Newfoundland
RHDBank Jamila Minga North Carolina Central University
SLABank Nicole Tracy-Ventura West Virginia University
SamtaleBank Johannes Wagner Southern Denmark University
TBIBank Leanne Togher University of Sydney

The Board meets twice yearly over Zoom to review progress, decide on policies, propose modifications and additions to the system, and formulate plans for outreach and publications. The position of Chair of the Governing Board rotates each year.